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CanAm Basic

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Mixed Match Mayhem
Mixed Match Mayhem
If you like young, eager, wet behind the ears jock boys from mixed ethnic backgrounds, this 3 match actioner from Jimmy Dean will light your fire. For clarification purposes, Jimmy Dean is the director of MIXED MATCH MAYHEM. He does not appear in this video. MIXED MATCH 1 - Youthfull blond curly haired Oliver Swift goes up against nicely built black beauty Brad Kaiser. This is an evenly matched, good natured romp that delivers hot young boys testing their strengths and showing each other off. After lots of give and take wedgie action, Oliver forces two straight submissions from Brad with a cradle crotch spread, and a prolonged double hammerlock. But after the trunks come off for the victory blow job, Brad wants more revenge action. But in the end, Brad is forced to suck Oliver's uncut cock; then both boys shoot. MIXED MATCH 2 - Youngsters Tim Lewis and exotic looking Alain meet on the street and decide to hit the mats. Here again, Jimmy Dean's casting emphasis is on youth....but the action heats up as the competition increases. Euroasian boy Alain wins the first fall and gets his dick sucked. Back at it bare assed, blond boy Tim wins fall two and forces Alain to service him. Full of mutual ass eating, Tim takes the third fall and plows Alain's tight little butt twat before both boys blow their loads. MIXED MATCH 3 - Steven Jones and honey skinned Alex have a war of words before attacking each other with gusto. Each is determined the other will be sucking his winning cock. Dirty talk. Dirty talk. Dirty talk. Steven's red trunks come off and he loses the first fall to a choke hold, and dutifully sucks Alex's cock. Bent on revenge, Steven gets his cock sucked but loses the match. Alex relishes giving Steven's ass hole a victory pounding, then both boys shoot all over each other.
Duration : 1 hours 43 minutes
06:35 AM to 08:19 AM EST
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Category: Gay Wrestling
Welcome to the Can-Am Basic Wrestling Channel which plays 24/7 with 12 awesome Can-Am titles that are updated weekly with a few new titles every week.
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