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Actors: Dion, Fernando, Mark Linz, Micky Coolio, Patrik, Samuel, Shemin, Zack Jones
Directors: Michael Paris
Keywords: ass rimming, blow jobs, euro studs, gay sex, uncut cocks
Categories: Jet Set Productions
Length: 01:50:39
Recorded: 10 years and 9 months ago
Wants, needs, "Desires" – we all have them, and we all need to satisfy them! Michael Paris has directed eight hot and hung European young men in five torrid sex scenes to help the viewer satisfy his own while expressing theirs. The first scene takes place in a bedroom as Dion is admiring himself in a mirror, and Mickey Coolio is just waking up. Mickey watches admiringly as Dion flexes his muscles and proudly shows off his big fat cock. Mickey rolls over and immediately goes down on it leading to some early morning action. Dion pulls his friend up to his knees to take his throbbing dick up his ass. One, two, three fingers work Mickey’s hole open so his buddy can fuck him. In it goes, sheathed in a flesh-colored condom that is barely.
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