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Young Love

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Actors: Alexander Steel, Alexsandro, Amir, Andrew Quiet, Him, Jurijs, Lukas Broz, Martin, Maugli, Oleg, Petr Majer, Pietro White, Steve Sanders, Tadas, Tom Novy, Tommy Gent
Directors: Alex Clark
Keywords: ass rimming, bareback, blow jobs, cute boys, euro studs, facial cumshots, fucking, gay sex, three-way sex, twinks, uncut dicks
Categories: Dolphin Entertainment
Length: 02:05:17
Recorded: 7 years and 1 month ago
Young Love features all the best Dolphin Entertainment scenes that showcase the Russian Beauties of Dolphin in tender loving boy on boy scenes. If you love boys then you'll love Young Love, a new collection from Dolphin Entertainment. These boys give a whole new meaning to the term "chicken" because while they may all be young dumb and full of cum they're definitely not scared of having hot boy on boy cum sex. These Russian boys love to suck each other off, fuck each other's butts and then shoot their young loads on one their buddy's cute face. Young Love gives you more boys than an underwear party at a Russian YMCA!
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