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Cocktail Gangbang

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Actors: Curt Studni, David Glanz, Jakub Moltin, Jarda Malek, Jiri Sydnec, Martin Karvina, Mikhal
Keywords: euro studs, gang bang, uncut cocks, uncut dicks
Categories: Jet Set Productions
Length: 01:11:22
Recorded: 16 years and 8 months ago
Jet Set International presents another all sex video featuring an assemblage of irresistible Eastern Europeans. No plot, just sex. It gets off to a rousing start as the guys party in a closed nightclub. They entertain each other with some stripteasing and lap dancing to the musical stylings of Bobby McFerrin, of all people. The dreamy cast includes rising stars Jakub Moltin and Petr Katja (aka Pavel Novotny and Jirka Kalvoda). Curt Studni (aka Mylan Forman) is the lucky boy who has to service his seven buddies. Going bottoms up for these guys would be a dream cum true for just about any sex pig.
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