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Canadian Muscle Dancers 4

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Actors: Christopher Knight, Chuck Young, Jimmy Dean, John Badd, Johnny Lightning, Paul Perris, Terry Knight
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: body worship, bodybuilders, collegiate men, construction workers, crotch grabbing, cute boys, fraternity men, gym studs, jocks, jockstraps, long hair, lycra, male strip dance, muscle men, muscle posing, spandex, straight guys
Length: 01:05:45
Recorded: 4 years and 4 months ago
Canadian Muscle Dancers #4 is perhaps the hottest male strip tape yet to be released from the Can-Am. It features the super-hot punky Jimmy Dean, Canadian Musclehunk Super-Grappler Johnny Lightning, the uniquely limber and muscular Paul Perris, the "Bad-Boy" of Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling Chuck Young, and a spectacular first for us - Muscle Dancer Twins! And as an add-on bonus, a very nostalgic, neat dance strip number from the Village People album featuring John Badd as a hard-hat construction worker. Can-Am massages your erotic fantasies like no one else with a wide variety of Canadian Muscle Dancers who privately do it for YOU through this series of Canadian Muscle Dancer videos. JIMMY DEAN Jimmy appears in a black and white leather jacket and black leather chaps. In an incredibly energetic dance number he strips down to his tight jeans and further to a T-back. In his final erotic slow number the T-back is played with, manipulated, taken almost off - as Dean teases you to a froth. JOHNNY LIGHTNING Looking like a total innocent in a stark white costume, blond, blue-eyed Johnny comes onto the dance floor as an "angel from heaven". You soon find out he is anything but as he toys with your emotions through a sensual strip down to his white T-back. If only heaven were like this. PAUL PERRIS In what has to be one of the most original Muscle Dancer acts of all, Paul employs all his martial arts skills and stretching ability into one very hot and erotic act. It`s amazing to watch and it`s guaranteed to grab you where it pleasures you the most. CHUCK YOUNG Chuck comes out in his comedic ape outfit. Mercifully it is short-lived and he shucks it in less than two minutes. Attired in a black leather jacket and sexy levi cut-offs, he "Muscle Dances" for your enjoyment - and now it is! He strips down to a multi-colored T-back. Did we ever mention that Chuck has an incredibly shapley ass? DOUBLE IMPACT - MUSCLE DANCER TWINS! From Western Canada comes "Double Impact", Christopher and Teri Knight. Wow! In a very unusual opening, the Twins create a "firestorm". In fact our videographers eyebrows got singed working too close to the action. You`ll see what we mean when you see their different and unusual act. When it comes time to the dancing, it is obvious that they are having a lot of fun. Their dancing is extremely energetic. They have big wide smiles that light up whole room. It`s a wonderful show! And to say they are very popular in Eastern Canada is an understatement. JOHN BADD (no photo available) A BONUS FINALE! John superbly executes his interpretation of the Village People`s Construction Worker. Hot! Of course he goes beyond that to Muscle-Strip.,

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