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Rush Adams Muscle Showcase

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Actors: Rush Adams
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bare feet, big dicks, body worship, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, gym studs, jacking off, jocks, lycra, male strip dance, muscle men, muscle posing, spandex, straight guys
Length: 00:29:54
Recorded: 4 years and 4 months ago
Rush Adams, Catalina & Vivid Porno Star, can be seen in Catalina videos such as "Behind the Barn Door", "Magic Man", "Hand Jobs II", and in such Vivid Productions as "The Roommate", and "White Collar, Blue Heat". Rush has also worked in Hogtied Wrestling Hunks 2, Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling 2 as well as this Muscle Showcase Production. Videotaped in Canada you`ll see among other scenes Rush doing his workout. Attired in red athletic shorts, black gym shoes and white sox, and a black headband stretches, runs on a treadmill, stair steps and rows. After his strenuous workout, and now back at his apartment Rush, attired in a fringe leather jacket, levi shorts, cowboy boots, and a hat, puts on the kind of show he does at the Gaiety Theater in NYC - a strip to hard-on . He then sits himself down on a couch, slaps in a video for "inspiration", and J/O`s for himself and for you. You`ll see why he is in such demand by Catalina and Vivid - the cock that has made him a star in the porno video field. The video ends with a shower. This solo video is a perfect way to see this Porno star up close and intimate.,

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