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Collin O'Neals Colombia

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Actors: Adriano Tejada, Alejandro Fernandez, Andres Camilo, Camilo Uribe, Collin O'Neal, Jhomar, Juan Velez, Pedro Escobar, Rene Quintana, Samuel Lupon
Directors: Collin O'Neal
Keywords: amateurs, latin / hispanic, reality, uncut cocks
Categories: World of Men
Length: 03:13:15
Recorded: 8 years and 4 months ago
Anyone who knows about hot men knows about South America and Colombia; and Collin O’Neal is no fool. In his latest installment of men from around the world, Collin travels to the center of the South American sexual world and brings back action that wet dreams are made of. This movie shows with precision the beauty and sexuality of Colombian men. In his groundbreaking style, Collin brings male sexuality to its peak with an in-depth view into the world of Colombian man-on-man sex.
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