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Collin O'Neals East Berlin

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Actors: Alex Ryder, Amir, Bijan, Mack Manus, Marcos Melo, Markus Muller, Matteo, Robert Brankov
Directors: Collin O'Neal
Keywords: amateurs, ass play, ass rimming, euro studs, fucking, uncut cocks, uncut dicks
Categories: World of Men
Length: 01:50:30
Recorded: 10 years and 1 month ago
The first scene begins with Bijan following Amir into a cold, abandoned basement in an East Berlin public housing complex. When they finally find a tucked away corner, Amir cuts to the chase, turns Bijan around, pulls his pants down to his knees, and shows him his true love of ass. Watch blond, smooth skinned, German muscle bottom, Markus Muller and the tall, hairy chested, bearded, chiseled Marcos Melo go at it in a sex dungeon in grimy East Berlin. Robert Brankov shows us again just how well a boy can take a huge cock and love every minute of relentless pounding. You will instantly recognize in Robert the signs of a true, unrepentant, cock hungry bottom. Bijan, the tight, young Turkish bottom who lives in Berlin seems to have picked the right place to live given his love of huge, thick dicked muscle daddy tops. Mack Manus and Matteo: the sexual heat in this scene will keep you coming back to witness this highly charged sexual adventure time after time. Mack Manus is a true East German stud, and in this scene with the young, dark, smooth and toned Matteo, you will experience what all of us dream about; hot, relentless, ass pounding, man on man fucking.
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