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Actors: Austin Wrigley, Cayden Banks, David Taylor, Kash Satal, Lucas Knowles, Mason Ross, Rod Daily, Shane Frost, TC Knight, Tyler Marks, Vince Ferelli
Directors: Chris Steele
Keywords: ass play, ass rimming, interracial sex, three-way sex, uniformed men
Categories: Jet Set Men
Length: 02:39:48
Recorded: 9 years and 1 month ago
Whether you’re incarcerated or simply working in a prison, you stand a good chance of getting it in the end - SCREWED. Or so the new Chris Steele Film from Jet Set Men strongly suggests. There are 11 extremely hot guys on both sides of the Fontana facility fence - ready, willing and eager to get it on with each other. Five scenes – 2 sizzling threesomes and 3 sexy duos - go down as this tale of prison lust unfolds. Screwed stars Cayden Banks, Rod Daily, Vince Ferelli, David Taylor, Shane Frost, Tyler Marks, Austin Wrigley, T.C., Kash Satal, Lucas Knowles and Mason Ross. This is the first made-for-DVD appearance of Cayden Banks, Austin Wrigley, Vince Ferelli, David Taylor, and Kash Satal. Highly Highly Recommended by!
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