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Latin Twinks 1: Viva Guadalajara

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Actors: Alejandro Millan, Diego Arroyo, Erec Estrada, Marc Winters, Oswaldo Lopez, Santiago Diaz, Sebastian Rodriguez, Yael Morrantes
Directors: Uncredited
Keywords: latin / hispanic, three-way sex, twinks
Length: 01:33:30
Recorded: 12 years and 2 months ago
Latin Twinks Viva Guadalajara brings the lustful passions out of every local and every visitor: meeting in the park, in a chatroom, on the main square or just fantasizing about it during a piano recital... Doesn't matter it ends up in hot, uninhibited sex for the enjoyment of all of them and all of us! Two Americans and 6 locals give us a first class demonstration of Latino Love!
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