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SuperStuds: Toxic Strikes Again

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Actors: Charlie Roberts, Jobe Zander, Kris Jamieson, Logan Vaughn
Directors: Chris Steele, Ron Sexton
Keywords: abduction/capture, ass play, blow jobs, bodybuilders, bondage, crotch grabbing, fucking, gay sex, jacking off, lycra, spandex, superhero / villain play, three-way sex
Categories: Gay Superheroes
Length: 01:03:03
Recorded: 2 years and 4 months ago
SuperStuds: Toxic Strikes Again brings back Jobe Zander in the role of Toxic. Our heroes this time out are Charlie Roberts as Hawk, Kris Logan as Krimzon, and Logan Vaughn as SuperCop.

We open with all three heroes already captured and bound up tightly in creative body bondage. All are tied with their wrists suspended, except for SuperCop who is suspended at the ceiling and being lowered on a remote winch. Toxic takes great pleasure in this capture and immediately gasses all three heroes with his hero toxic mind altering vapors. After a dose of gas our heroes are weakened to the will of Toxic... who commands these three helpless wonders to do unspeakable thing to each other. Heroes deep kissing each other is certainly not part of the hero training and appears nowhere in the hero manual.

Each time our heroes start to gain their strength and will back, Toxic is at the ready with another dose of mind numbing gas to take back control. The series of mind struggles as each hero regains himself and realizes what he has been commanded to do is shocking. But another blast takes care of that. Slowly the bondage is peeled off each hero and as the sexual energy is turned up to full blast we have three heroes is a super three way sex blast that is fucking stunning to witness.
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