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Magic Hands 1

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Actors: Javier Fuerte, Tony Ganz, Trevor (BG)
Directors: BG
Keywords: big dicks, body worship, bodybuilders, cumshots, jacking off, latin / hispanic
Categories: Gay Body Worship
Length: 00:30:17
Recorded: 2 years and 2 months ago
With luscious and large pecs that are oh so suckable, BG has brought you a real treat in Spanish Javier Fuerte. From a standing position that the “Magic Hands” takes full advantage of to massage his pecs, stroke his abs, and dive down into his jeans to harden that big cock – to the massage table where a more leisurely approach is taken. Every part of Javier’s superb physique is massaged. From his muscular legs, to his superb butt, on to his fantastic pecs and nips, to his hardened cock, the “Hands” do their thing. The “Hands” then manage to get Javier to shoot a nice big load of cum. Every person reacts differently while they cum. Javier shifts into a double biceps flex, as he is cuming.

With two handfuls of cock, a sliced up physique, and a butt that begs to be touched, its no wonder the Magic Hands had such a good time with Tony. Whether it is standing up, or lying down on the massage table, it was all good. The “Hands” go on to “motivate” Tony’s huge cock to spurt white stuff in a large amount.

Yum! BG presents a beautiful, magnificent bodybuilder butt, nicely clad in the confines of a jockstrap. Trevor has the body that the Magic Hands love to massage: Beautiful big pecs, a bubble butt, and a responsive cock. Since the “Hands” wanted to massage both of Trevor’s magnificent pecs at the same time, Trevor took matters into his own hands and stroked that hard cock. When it got close he motioned to the Magic Hands to take over and bring him to a climax. Hot video!
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