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Marine Code of Silence

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Actors: Aaron Brandt, Bo Austin, Buck Stradlin, Flex Gamble, Julie Winchester, Marsha Bacall, Paul Barresi, Rob Cryston, Rob Stone, Shawn Justin, Stone Black, Troy Steele
Directors: Paul Barresi
Keywords: blow jobs, cumshots, gay sex, hairy men, marines, uniformed men
Categories: Jet Set Men
Length: 01:18:15
Recorded: 22 years and 1 month ago
Shot on location in sunny California, this is action packed with lots of hustling, bootie deals, cock sucking, dick licking and butt jumping. There is nothing these Marines won't do when they're off duty. The homophobic base commander, Colonel Paul Coletti, suspects his personnel officer Captain William Alexander, is ''queering off'' with his son. The colonel, out of concern for his son Matthew, and his own political ambitions after retirement, hires a private investigatior to look into these ''disgusting rumors.'' Does the colonel discover that his worst nightmare is true? Did his trustworthy captain really steel rod the young, impressionable, smooth-bodied son of the base commander? As they say: Don't ask - don't tell...
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