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Flash Attack

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Actors: Flash Rios, Sky Davis
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bare feet, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, gym studs, latin / hispanic, lycra, mat wrestling, muscle men, spandex
Categories: Gay Wrestling
Length: 00:35:21
Recorded: 6 months and 3 weeks ago
Introducing the super sexxxy Flash Rios in his very first matchup against resident ass-kicker Sky Davis.

Flash is insanely sexy with stunning looks and a wicked body to match. The Bossman puts him in the smallest yellow hip-hugging Speedo he could find. A packed pouch with a bubble butt straining the yellow fabric to it's limit we watch Flash warm up and flex... that is until Sky arrives and checks out his opponent... comparing body parts.

Sky has a bit more ink and is more ripped since the last time we saw him so if you are an ink fan you are in for a good time.

If you expect this matchup to be one-sided - then you are right... but watching Flash suffer in hold after hold is worth the price of admission alone. But when you add Sky working Flash's tightly packed but ample crotch then "Sky's" the limit!

Flash suffers beautifully from start to finish... and as the Bossman proclaimed... "This is now my single favorite match!" - we all agree.

If you are a fan of crotch grabbing and abuse, Boston crabs, scissors, sleepers, jobber struggling, and just an overall body-beautiful destruction... then we know YOU will agree with us too.
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