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Decrotchery 18: Santos vs Jobe

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Actors: Jobe Zander, Santiago Santos
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch abuse, crotch grabbing, gay wrestling, latin / hispanic, lycra, mat wrestling, spandex
Categories: Gay Wrestling
Length: 00:45:25
Recorded: 6 months and 4 days ago
Who's next up for the Jobe Zander Crotch Killing Machine?

Santiago Santos... that's who! Santiago arrives on the Can-Am Arena mat wearing a skin-tight Speedo jammer. Good looking with a hot sexy bod and pronounced "centerpiece" Santiago is all cocky about himself. Not to be outdone Jobe hits the mat is a lime green Speedo with a party going on in his crotch. Is he just happy with his opponent - or what?

Some posing, a failed arm wrestling challenge, insults, and mat strutting preclude the true reason Zander is on the mat... sort of a cat and mouse buildup to stroke Jobe's massive ego.

Santos' golden tanned bod looks hot and sexy as Zander applies a collection of holds to soften up the muscleboy. It is never a good idea to underestimate the skills of Zander. It does not take long for Zander to attack Santos' balls and dick. The attack begins in Santos' blue jammer which is one layer of material too much so off they come and shoved into Santos' mouth. Santos is wearing a light gray Speedo which shows Jobe's target even better.

As Jobe announces that he has plans... BIG plans for Santos he hoists Santos up in a chicken wing and drops his chest onto his waiting knees. Stunned for a moment, and only a moment, Santos regains himself to attack Jobe's centerpiece... what?

Straddling and pinning Jobe's arms to his sides - Jobe gets his own taste of Santos' jammers as they are jammed into Jobe's mouth. Santos has some moves as he stretches Jobe out demanding "What's my name?" An attempt at a sleeper nearly puts Jobe out... but this is a decrotchery match so the recipe is simple if only the head cook could get his shit together.

Enough playing around as Jobe's gets down to business. While he may have underestimated to ability of Santos - he's had enough play and goes into Jobe mode. From here on in it is classic Jobe working over the cock and balls of Santos in a multitude of ways. Did Santos get the license plate of the truck that ran him over?

Absolutely beautiful to watch as this young sexy stud takes a crotch beating from Jobe. He does try to make another comeback but that just pisses of Zander and brings the match to a hot finish.
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