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Cheap Shots & Low Blows 7

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Actors: Brian Rich, Sam Shields
Directors: Cameron Matthews
Keywords: pro gear, pro wrestling, spandex
Categories: Pro Wrestling
Length: 00:21:52
Recorded: 5 months and 2 weeks ago
Brian Rich vs Sam Shields.... Brian's already in the ring wearing green Speedos and black runners. Sam makes his way to the ring carrying a heavy bag? He does know this is a wrestling match and not boxing - right? Words are exchanged and the ever unpredictable Brian Rich strikes first bringing Sam to his knees.

Sam in Black trunks and black runners is able to reverse the hold but the unpredictable Brian mule kicks him in the family jewels and then stomps his abs before applying a tight figure-four. But the title of this match is "Cheap Shots" and "Low Blows" so both of these fighters do not disappoint with repeated attacks on each others manhood.

From past matches we already know that Brian Rich is a bit "twisted" and enjoys dishing out the pain as much as he enjoys receiving it. And Brian suffers beautifully at the hand of Sam Shields.

We didn't expect to enjoy this match as much as we did but after all the back and forth crotch action... and the tight lean muscled body of Brian suffering - we really got into it. That heavy bag that arrived at the start makes a final appearance at the end.... and it ain't pretty!
bone5454 (2 months, 2 weeks ago)
I want to see Nelson creed's match in Cheap Shots and Low Blows series.
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