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Magic hands 4

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Actors: Alec Powers, Danny
Directors: BG
Keywords: body worship, bodybuilders, cumshots, jacking off
Categories: Gay Body Worship
Length: 00:31:30
Recorded: 5 months and 2 weeks ago
Brian shows up at the "Magic Hands" place to get a massage. But first he makes himself comfortable and his cock rock hard. He enjoys a hot magazine and rolls over, horny as fuck. The "Hands" show up, but they have a friend along. So there are four "Hands" keeping Brian horny and hard. And if that isn't enough, the "Hands" use two implements; one for Brian's hard cock and one for Brian's twitching, needy ass. Sooner or later you know what will happen. And it does.

Ryan is having a most marvelous dream. He's dreaming that four "Hands" are massaging every part of his body from his balls, to his butt, his chest and abs, and his cock. They jack the cock to hardness. Then they bring in the heavy-duty electronic massager. This motivates Ryan to a huge cum shot.

Blond Kevin enters, shucks his jeans, and tries on white underwear. He likes what he sees after spending a lot of time checking himself out in the mirror and getting his cock hard. He retires to the bedroom where he plays with himself, like the horny little devil that he is. The "Hands" makes their appearance and spend the next several minutes playing with his huge cock, cute butt, washboard stomach and chest. Kevin loves what the "Hands" are doing to him, making him even more horny - if that is possible. Kevin joins in, so oftentimes you will see four hands in motion. Kevin loves sucking cock and the "Hands" obliges. Kevin won't be satisfied until the "Hands" own cock ejaculates, just like Kevin's does.
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