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Netted Hero

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Actors: Esko, Logan Scion
Directors: Jobe Zander
Keywords: bodybuilders, bondage, spandex, superhero / villain play
Length: 00:19:33
Recorded: 5 months and 2 weeks ago
Netted Hero features newcommer Esko as hero U-Rine in his yellow supersuit and Logan Scion Dark Lurke.  Esko's capture opens with him laid out and netted while being examined by the Dark Lurke.
Dark Lurke peels away the netting from head to toe revealing our muscled hero who is also bound by the wrists. Previously gassed then delivered by Dark Lurke's henchmen - U-Rine is knocked out as Lurke examines his captive.

Enjoying his work as he examines the hardbodied captive, Lurke runs his hands all over the muscled hero.... all the way down to U-Rine's perfectly outlined cock and balls in his tight supersuit.

Time to wake up his captive hero - Lurke blasts him with jolts of plasma energy. Stunned and helpless, U-Rine can't move or fight back... totally helpless. Manhandled and zapped repeatedly.

Then we find U-Rine propped up against a wall with his hands bound behind his back... as Dark Lurke shoots him again with energy... Pec groping and gut punches soften up our hero only to be followed by multiple body blows.

Weakened and laid out on the floor our muscled hero is subject to a series of body blows which leaves him squirming for freedom.... but not until Dark Lurke begins to strip our hero of his supersuit...
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