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Decrotchery 19: Yelo vs Zander

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Actors: Jarvis Yelo, Jobe Zander
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch abuse, crotch grabbing, latin / hispanic, mat wrestling
Categories: Gay Wrestling
Length: 00:43:44
Recorded: 2 months and 3 weeks ago
Decrotchery 19 features Jobe Zander vs Jarvis Yelo.

Resident trash talker and ball buster Jobe Zander is back in this fan favorite series. Barefoot wearing orange Speedos showcasing his "centerpiece" Jobe hits the mat finding Jarvis warming up. Jarvis also barefoot wearing a red and white Speedo that also happens to showcase his own "centerpiece" which gives Jobe's some competition.

Jarvis' got a nice tight swimmers bod and unknown to even himself until this point... suffers beautifully. Jobe moves him from one hot hold to another and in between for good measure works over the "centerpiece".

All SHOW and no GO would describe the suffering Jarvis well. He certainly has the bod but lacks the skill... none the less it is a beautiful thing to watch Jobe have his way. "You scream like a girl" says Jobe as he repeatedly attacks Jarvis manhood. No question Jobe is enjoying his work and we're enjoying watching him.

Grabbing, yanking, squeezing, crushing, pulling - this is a Decrotchery match after all. Very hot and very sexy. Jarvis goes down with the best of em.... A slow sexy sleeper ends Jarvis' agony... but only after 44 HOT minutes of total one sided ball busting action.
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