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Sexy Muscleboy Pro 1

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Actors: Cali-Boy, Christopher Thorne
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, gay wrestling, lycra, pro wrestling, spandex
Length: 00:19:59
Recorded: 2 weeks and 6 days ago
Sexy Muscleboy Pro 1 features the return of super popular Cali-Boy who made his first appearance in "Please - Not My Nuts" against Cal Bennet. This time Cali-Boy makes his debut in the pro ring against newcomer Christian Thorn.

Cali-Boy fights barefooted wearing a tight yellow N2N ass and crotch hugging Speedo type suit while Christian Thorn wears a red Speedo with red wrestling boots. Christian has a ridiculous physique that can give as good as it can take. Back and forth action make this match hot and sexy. Body blows, ab abuse, crotch grabbing and sweaty mutual punishment make for an interesting fight.

Interestingly Cali-Boy has some serious moves in the pro ring. Surprisingly dominate he controls the tight bodied Christian putting him on muscle display. Both muscle bods shine in all the right places for the hot action which showcases both of their ripped bodies.

The gym is HOT, the bodies are HOT, and the action is HOT! Who wins you wonder? You do - as soon as you order this Sexy Muscleboy Pro 1 fight.
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