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Stuff My Ass

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Actors: Aaron Logan, Ben Damon, Brad Slater, Chip Sastre, Damian Ford, Dex, Eddie Stone, Erec Estrada, Jagger, Jay Lopez, Joey Jay, Lexx Parker, Luke Cherry, Marc Winters, Maxx Diesel, Nickolay Petrov, Pablo Tello, Sage Hunter
Directors: Various
Keywords: ass play, ass rimming, big dicks, dildos, double penetration, gay sex
Categories: Jet Set Productions
Length: 03:50:29
Recorded: 5 years and 6 months ago
New from Toy Boxxx Films comes a collection of all the best ass stuffing scenes ever produced by the king of double penetration, toys and dildos. Stuff My Ass features 18 studs, some well known porn stars and some rarely seen scenarios in 8 ass stuffing cum dripping butthole stretching scenes. Get corn holed, literally, with Stuff My Ass starring Eddie Stone, Nickolay Petrov, Maxx Diesel, Marc Winters, Ben Damon and more. Now available on DVD and for the first time ever these scenes are available online and for Download-To-Own! The title Stuff My Ass provokes the question who enjoys ass play more, “the stuffer” or “the stuffee”, the fucker or the one being fucked? Hopefully, the answer is BOTH. In this DVD from Toy Boxx, an incredible 18 hot sexy men go at it in 8 duos and 3-ways to prove the point.
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