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Tales From The Chamber 1

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Actors: Beau Bradley, Bruce Gordon, Jimmy Dean, Roger Maverick (Big Roger), Ron Masters
Directors: Beau Bradley
Keywords: big dicks, body worship, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, bondage, bondage wrestling, crotch grabbing, dirty talk, gay wrestling, gym studs, jacking off, jocks, lycra, mat wrestling, muscle men, pro wrestling, spandex, storyline, straight guys, submission wrestling, superhero / villain play, wetsuits
Length: 00:57:04
Recorded: 5 years and 1 month ago
Tales from the Chamber, Vol. 1, is three hot tales of heroes, villains, and traps from Can-Am`s newest website: The unbelievably hard-bodied Roger Marvick is back as Silverback against the Roper. This time he`s teamed up with Ron Masters as the Zapper. Silverback and the Zapper have been sent to recapture the Roper after he escapes from the Great Prison of Adacus. Splitting up proves to be a mistake as Silverback gets captured by the Roper trying to enter his lair. The Roper lays him out cold and ties him up extra tight so he can work over those mounds and slabs of muscle. After punishing our hero for a good long time, the Roper drenches him with the `urn of pain`. Zapper stumbles onto Silverback while the Roper is away. But while trying to free Silverback, the Roper returns and attacks Zapper with Silverback`s own weapon. Now both are tied and tormented and left bound and passed out. In our second tale, Jimmy Dean is the Collector who captures his latest victim, Flea (newcomer Bruce Gordon). After struggling in the Collector`s net, Flea is injected with a sex serum that turns him into a walking hard-on. The Collector is turned on by his prey and gives us a super hero jack-off. Beau Bradley is back after too long an absence as Trixster in tale three. Trixster is looking for a victim, and the Surfer is the perfect prey (Ron Masters). Perfectly filling out his rubber bodysuit, it is no wonder Trixster wants the Surfer all to himself. Trixster is stronger and tougher, and the Surfer`s punches are useless against the Trixster. After playing with his new toy, a sleeper hold ends the fight, and the Surfer is stripped of his wet suit. Taken back to the Trixster`s chamber, the Surfer is placed in the suction bag. His fate is sealed! Pop yours, and order up!
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