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Young Men In Shameless Pleasure

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Actors: Adam Dvorak, Adrian Komar, Bryan McCain, Chad Driver, Dennis Rush, Jakub Forman, Jan Dlouhy, Peter Stevens, Samuel Pointman, Sebastian Stone, Sergey Davidov, Tad Harrison
Directors: Robert Boggs
Keywords: ass play, ass rimming, blow jobs, euro studs, fucking, gay sex
Categories: Jet Set Productions
Length: 02:03:55
Recorded: 12 years and 5 months ago
This film simply rocks. 13 models get in on for over 2 hours in 5 scenes. It's called Shameless Pleasure because there's no guilt - just unabashed fun for the love of sex. These Euro-guys are gorgeous and you'll love their enthusiasm for having their hot, muscled, hung naked bodies next to each other.
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